Tea Bag vs Loose Leaf

By | August 22, 2016

Do you love tea? Well, even if you don’t specially fancy the aromatic drink, there is a big chance that you will not refuse a cup of it when served. A lot of people around the world love tea because of a number of reasons, from the unique and distinctive taste and smell, the calming and soothing effect, to the elegance of the beverage itself.

Tea Bag vs Loose Leaf 1

However, have it ever occurred to you how different a cup of loose leaf tea is compared to the traditional tea bags? Which one is superior? Below, we will discuss the comparisons between loose leaf tea and tea bags.

Tea Bag

Tea Bag vs Loose Leaf a

A typical tea bag is a special bag that allows water to flow freely in and out while keeping the contained material, which is broken-down tea leaves, inside. The number one reason for such design is because people hate choking on the leaf crumbs as they drink their tea. However, you should be aware that broken tea leaves have already lost much of the essential oils and aroma. The bag itself also constrains the tea leaves from expanding to the full flavor and aroma.

Loose Leaf

Tea Bag vs Loose Leaf b

Tea leaves require some room to expand and, in turn, to release the full-bodied flavor and aroma. This is why loose leaf tea typically tastes and smells richer than the tea bag counterparts. Whole tea leaves also offer much of the original essential oils and antioxidants. However, making tea using whole tea leaves may be a little bit more demanding, as you may need to do some manual filtration.

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Tea Bag vs Loose Leaf

Tea BagLoose Leaf
- Broken-down tea leaves contained in a special bag- Whole tea leaves, used directly into the water
- Contains less taste and aroma- Much richer in taste and aroma
- Typically easier and faster to use- More time-consuming to use

Tea Bag vs Loose Leaf 2

When it comes to the matter of the best cup of tea, you should use loose tea leaves. The taste and smell are unmatched. However, for practicality, tea bags are also a great option, especially in a busy day.

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