Tequila vs Vodka

By | January 8, 2020

Almost every party starts with some of these two drinks. Tequila and Vodka are perfect for gatherings, but have you ever wondered what a real difference of Tequila vs Vodka is. Aside from different ingredients, there are many more specific things to know about these alcoholic beverages.

The way you consume it


You have probably seen people taking shots of tequila. The drinking procedure is easy. Pour some salt on the hand, take a shot and taste the lemon wedge. One think is guaranteed. The fun will be on the highest peak, while your senses start to change. One more shot usually comes after the first one, and the head begins to play with you. Blurred vision, fast energy boost and urge for dancing all night are some results of drinking tequila.


On the other hand, Vodka requires slightly different approach. Vodka is perfect for making some of the most popular cocktails. White Russian, Bloody Mary and Sex on the Beach are there thanks to Vodka. You will drink this beverage in combination with gin or similar additions. Straight vodka is difficult to drink, because of very strong taste. Therefore, the way you consume the drinks differs a lot.

Tequila vs Vodka

- Tequila is a distilled spirit that is composed from the blue agave plant- Vodka is a distilled spirit that is composed of water and ethanol
- Has a bad reputation for causing blackouts and hangovers- Vodka was a drink that was expected to be consumed neat (without any additives)
- Also be used to create cocktails- Plays a main ingredient in many cocktails



Besides this, there are many opposites in the ingredients when comparing Tequila vs Vodka. Tequila is made of blue agave from Mexico, while vodka has a mixture of water and ethanol. We can say tequila is the drink that is more natural. That could be the reason for people to drink it without other beverages. It is softer and sweeter than Vodka. Most Mexicans produce it with huge devotion, which contributes to the quality of the drink. Nevertheless, Russian Vodka is a national pride and many people believe in its power. It is always a matter of taste. Tequila is definitely more natural drink, while Vodka conquers with the strength. The choice is not always easy, because both drinks taste good in a very specific way.

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