Tobiko vs Masago

By | January 16, 2017

Tobiko and Masago are fish eggs that are usually found in sushi. They are roe of different kinds of fish. Fish roe are basically fish eggs. They are of different sizes, color and taste. Every species of fish have different types of eggs and vary in terms of quality. In fact, some of the roe tend to be more expensive than others. Let’s look at Tobiko vs Masago in details;

Tobiko vs Masago 2

Masago are capelin roe while Tobiko are flying-fish roe. Both are small fish eggs and are orange color. However, one can note the difference in their colors easily since Masago is duller and is normally dyed to give it a more pleasing appearance while Tobiko is more bright orange. In terms of texture, Masago is softer and small in size compared to Tobiko which bursts into the mouth when crushed. In addition, Masago is consumed abroad while Tobiko is consumed in Japan and is commonly found in different sushi restaurants. In fact, the Japanese usually sprinkle Tobiko on top of their assorted favorite dishes. When it is infused with other food toppings, it changes the color and taste. Further, Tobiko have a better taste than Masago though taste depends with individuals. In fact, Tobiko is slightly more sweet and salty. It is also enjoyed when topped on sushi rice with vinegar, in omelets, salads, and crackers. However it depends with the individual.


In terms of cost, Tobiko is more expensive than Masago. The cost is usually contributed by the quality of Tobiko roe. When we look at the nutritional content, Tobiko is more loaded since it has vitamins, omega 3 acids and proteins while Masago has less versatile nutrients. Masago is rich in sodium and proteins. Sodium helps the body to absorb nutrients. In addition, Tobiko have low cholesterol content compared with Masago. Masago should be consumed in moderation due to the high cholesterol.

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Tobiko vs Masago

- Tobiko is more bright orange- Masago colors is duller and normally dyed to give it a more pleasing appearance
- Tobiko is consumed in Japan and is commonly found in different sushi restaurants- Masago is consumed abroad
- Tobiko has vitamins, omega 3 acids and proteins- Masago is rich in sodium and proteins
- Low cholesterol- High cholesterol

Tobiko vs Masago

Today, many restaurants tend to substitute Tobiko with Tasago since it’s less expensive and both roe have similar appearance. Based on the many benefits Tobiko has in terms of nutritional value and taste, it is the winner.

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