Valentina Hot Sauce review: Excellent Sauce With Balance Flavor

By | March 3, 2017

Sauce is one of the most valuable material in cooking. Sauce is used in many ways as the chef usually love to pour it and mix it with other food. There are a lot of sauce available out there, start from soy sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce, and the other. But for people who loves spicy food, they usually put the chili sauce into their food. Chili sauce is not only about its chili, but it also has many ingredients in it. These ingredients are what made chili sauce different from the ordinary chili. Here is the best-selling hot sauce in Mexico, Valentina Hot Sauce. This sauce offers rich taste with it. It comes with a large bottle which can hold up 12.5 oz, or 34 oz(1 liter). Valentina Hot Sauce has become the best-selling hot sauce in one of the countries which have many fantastic chilies. So if Valentina Hot Sauce is quite interesting for you, let’s learn more about it below.

Valentina Hot Sauce review

Valentina Hot Sauce is really impressive at first sight, the aroma is decent, and the color is mesmerizing in our sight. The first thing that we get after tasting it is that the chili pepper. The chili pepper is mashed in excellent quality. The average taste is pretty rich and very well blended in texture. The good thing is that the major power of this sauce is the pepper and chili. I told you this because usually in other hot sauce we found that the vinegar is too strong and too salty which ruined the overall taste of the sauce itself. Valentina Hot Sauce is entirely different from that; the chili is pretty much the main actor here. The hotness is on a little higher than the average sauce but not too spicy either.

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The appearance is very plain, like other sauce which gives the simple labeling and simple fonts. There is nothing to offer on its appearance; it is nothing special and attractive. The glass is large, nicely made and quite handy, but still the appearance just too plain like just a bottle with sauce inside. However, the size is massive, though, Valentina Hot Sauce is really suitable for the hot sauce lovers because of its huge size. It has the 1-liter size type which is a good choice for the sauce lovers.

Valentina Hot Sauce is an excellent choice for you who loves hot sauce. It offers a big size bottle, nice aroma, and pure flavor of chili. Even if the appearance is very plain, but people won’t care as long as they get a delicious hot sauce.

Ingredients of Valentina Hot Sauce
Water, vinegar, chili peppers, spices, salt, sodium benzoate (preservative).

Pros of Valentina Hot Sauce
– Savory pure chili flavor
– Nice, tasty aroma
– Big size bottle

Price of Valentina Hot Sauce
Check the best price for Valentina Hot Sauce here!

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